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Positive Thinking Sinhala Video – Lessons from Shah-Rukh-Khan (Epi-14)

This week we are bringing you a positive thinking Sinhala video about a wellknown Bollywood Shah-Rukh-Khan.

This positive thinking Sinhala video, key points

1. Shah-Rukh-Khan, had a dream and he didn’t give up on it.
2. Shah-Rukh-Khan got accused of having no talent but he still kept going.
3. Shah-Rukh-Khan focused on what he has instead of what he doesn’t have.
We got some valuable lessons to learn from this Positive thinking Sinhala video. SRK’s life is full of great examples of how to beat negativity and focus on what you what to achieve. First of all Shah-Rukh wasn’t connected with any big Bollywood families. He had a dream to become an actor and bravely followed it.

SRK’s Positive Thinking Sinhala Video behaviour

What I really like about SRK’s story is how he reacted to his parent’s pass away. While his sister coudn’t handle it SRK handled it well. One of his interviews he reveals that the reason he works so hard is to keep him away from depression from not having his parents around. Loosing your loved ones are the hardest life situations to face. In my opinion Shah-Rukh-Khan did it well.

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SRK’s Positive Thinking Sinhala Video Final words

What I think as Sinhala people what we can learn is how he chose to focus on his strengths rather than week points. Usually we all tend to lean towards our weak spots. This is what holds us back but focusing on our strong sides makes us winners.

I hope you got inspired by this positive thinking Sinhala Video. There’s a lot to learn from king khan and we should inherit a lot from the great personality. If you want to see more Sinhala positive videos please subscribe to GappiyaThinking YouTube channel. and follow #GappiyaThinking Facebook page for weekly updates.

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Sinhala Motivational Videos

Sinhala motivation stories | Ping Pong technique | #GappiyaThinking (Epi-13)

This week Sinhala motivational stories contain a study technique called, the ping-pong technique.

අද මම කතා කරන්නේ සයිමන් සිනෙක් කියලා ඇමරිකන් මහත්තයෙක් ලියපු “start with why” කියන පොතෙන් අපිට ඉගෙන ගන්න පුලුවන් වැදගත් කාරණාවක් ගැන. මේ පොතේ සරලව කතා වෙන්නේ හැම දෙයක්ම කරන්න කලින් කොහොමද කරන්නේ, මොකක්ද කරන්නේ කියලා හිතනවට වඩා ඇයි කරන්නේ කියලා හිතීමෙන් තමන්ගේ ගමන සාරථක කර ගන්න පුලුවන් විදියක් ගැන.
As you know Gappiya Thinking video series consists of many sinhala motivational stories. Today we are going to discuss a very easy technique to use to study new things faster.

This week’s Sinhala motivational Stories – Summery

1. Focused Thinking and it’s barriers.
2. Diffused Thinking and it’s benefits.
3. The combination of both methods

Let’s look at a studying method you all know. This is called the focused thinking. When you are doing focus thinking, you are using almost all your brain power to think of a solution. This method is great but has it’s limitations. If you encounter a spot you can’t figure out an answer you generally feel very lost. This method used in general schools in Sri Lanka and it has it’s limitations. In this Sinhala motivational stories series we are looking at different study method.

The next studying method is called diffused thinking. In this method you let your mind wonder freely. You let you brain sort out your problem on its own pace. You can go on a walk or play outside for a bit and your brain will start to process your problem. This is very effective and require less effort.

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Ping pong technique is the combination of both techniques. You do focus thinking for a while and switch to diffused thinking. This let your brain focused and relaxed at the same time. This is very effective method of learning and number of high achievers used this technique to learn and process new information faster.

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Sinhala Motivational Quotes

10 best Sinhala quotes on life, love, wealth friendship

Here are 10 best Sinhala quotes we extracted from GappiyaThinking facebook page over the past years. Here goes the list.

List of best sinhala quotes by Gappiya (GappiyaThinking)

Sinhala quotes – Paperplane

Sinhala motivational quote - paper planes
Sinhala quote – paper plane

Most of us just float in our lives like a piece of paper floating in the wind. With precise manipulation the same piece of paper become a paper plane which can fly to a specific target. This is our first choice of Sinhala quote on life.

Sinhala quotes – Fruit Tree

Sinhala friendship quote - fruit tree
Sinhala friendship quote – fruit tree

Most friends are like birds who attracted to the fruit tree. If you lucky you will find that one friend who is like the sun to the fruit tree. This one is very popular motivational Sinhala quote about friendship.

Sinhala quotes – Dancing

Sinhala love quote - Dancing
Sinhala love quote – Dancing

This sinhala quote explore the most beautiful feeling in the world, love. When you are in love you don’t need music to dance.

Sinhala quotes – Royal bricks

Sinhala quotes - Clay and bricks
Sinhala life quotes – Clay and bricks

This is an interesting sinhala quote on life and opportunities. We need to understand that every person has an equal opportunity to be successful. People who thinks they can be successful are the ones end up being successful.

Sinhala life quotes – Pitt Hole

Sinhala life quote – Pitt hole

Another sinhala quote on life. You can only help people who know needs help. We all must re-evaluate our lives hear and there, just make sure we are not stuck inside a pitt hole.

Sinhala quotes – The decision

Sinhala quote - decision
Sinhala quote – decision

This is a great Sinhala quote to inspire all of us. The decision you never made is the worst decision of all. Take that risk and achieve more.

Sinhala life quotes – The missing piece

Sinhala quote on life - missing place
Sinhala quote on life – missing place

Most people are stuck in a job or place where they are not happy with. This Sinhala quote for those people. Stop comprising, start living.

How do you like these sinhala quotes?

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