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Positive Thinking Sinhala Video – Lessons from Shah-Rukh-Khan (Epi-14)

This week we are bringing you a positive thinking Sinhala video about a wellknown Bollywood Shah-Rukh-Khan.

This positive thinking Sinhala video, key points

1. Shah-Rukh-Khan, had a dream and he didn’t give up on it.
2. Shah-Rukh-Khan got accused of having no talent but he still kept going.
3. Shah-Rukh-Khan focused on what he has instead of what he doesn’t have.
We got some valuable lessons to learn from this Positive thinking Sinhala video. SRK’s life is full of great examples of how to beat negativity and focus on what you what to achieve. First of all Shah-Rukh wasn’t connected with any big Bollywood families. He had a dream to become an actor and bravely followed it.

SRK’s Positive Thinking Sinhala Video behaviour

What I really like about SRK’s story is how he reacted to his parent’s pass away. While his sister coudn’t handle it SRK handled it well. One of his interviews he reveals that the reason he works so hard is to keep him away from depression from not having his parents around. Loosing your loved ones are the hardest life situations to face. In my opinion Shah-Rukh-Khan did it well.

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SRK’s Positive Thinking Sinhala Video Final words

What I think as Sinhala people what we can learn is how he chose to focus on his strengths rather than week points. Usually we all tend to lean towards our weak spots. This is what holds us back but focusing on our strong sides makes us winners.

I hope you got inspired by this positive thinking Sinhala Video. There’s a lot to learn from king khan and we should inherit a lot from the great personality. If you want to see more Sinhala positive videos please subscribe to GappiyaThinking YouTube channel. and follow #GappiyaThinking Facebook page for weekly updates.

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