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What is anxiety disorder (Explained in Sinhala)

In this week video we will discuss about what is anxiety disorder

What is anxiety disorder and it’s symptoms

1.Feeling down most of the time

2.Feeling stressed on even situations where you shoudn’t be stressed

3.Constant headaches and chest pains

4.Feeling angry all the time

Anxiety is different to each person and its completely normal to have it. It’s built in to our survival mechanism. If you feel stressed and uneasy even when situations you shouldn’t have, you might have aanxiety disorder. There can be many forms of anxiety disorders and whether you have it or someone you love have it, it’s good to educate yourself so you can handle it better.

One in every 5 people have a anxiety disorder and if you are happen to be one of the five it’s not something you should be worry about. It’s not your fault or your genes. Scientist still trying figure out what is causing modern day anxiety disorder and nobody really have a clear answer. It is certain that level of anxiety disorder is going up every day and new medication is coming to sooth the effected but in order to tackle anxiety you need to understand it’s behavior.

Since is a direct result of your mind’s behavior, understanding how your mind works is the first step to cure it. Even though it’s hard cure for anxiety disorder is possible. You need to take one step at a time and believe you can do it.

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