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Positive thinking Sinhala – Lessons from Eminem

This week, positive thinking sinhala video is inspired by the global rap superstar Eminem.

Positive thinking Sinhala lessons from eminem

1.Believe in your dreams

2.Focus on your strengths

3.Never give up on your self

Eminem is a global hip hop superstar who is considered as one of the most successful rap artists all time. In this positive thinking sinhala video we talk about what we can learn from him. Even thought today, he is a very high profile figure he’s begging is very humble.

He grew up in a very poor family and his father left him when he was very young. His mother was constantly struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. As a result of this she couldn’t keep a job more than couple of months. This effected young Eminem’s education very badly and he had to move school two three times a year. Eminem was always bullied and victim of abuse and struggled with self esteem for long period of his life.

Eminem recognized his love for rap from a very young age. He was bad at most of the subjects in school but was in love with English. He always had good marks for English. Eminem recalls how he use to study the dictionary to expand his vocabulary so he can use it in his raps. Even though school was hard he kept at his dream of becoming a rapper.

Positive thinking sinhala quote - Self esteem

This is good lesson we can learn and great positive thinking sinhala key point. In Sri Lanka many school kids give up on their life and dream just because parents and teachers blame them for not having good marks. Getting good marks on exams never guarantee a successful life, in fact it leads to a miserable work life. This is why we should always follow our dreams and respect our inner passion. This is a great positive thinking sinhla video from Eminem who never given up on his dreams, therefore acheived massive success.

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