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What is Law of attraction [Positive Thinking Sinhala Guide]

This week in positive thinking sinhala guide we are talking about law of attraction.

Positive thinking Sinhala guide to law of attraction

So what is law of attraction? Just like the words suggest it a way you can attract things to your life. As simple it sounds that’s basically what this law is all about. The mechanism it self doesn’t have a clue of what you really want to attract in life.

It will start working what ever you think about. If you would like to have good things about life then you better start thinking good things. Even if you don’t want bad things to happen to your life, if you keep thinking about them bad will happen to you.

Positive thinking sinhala – key elements of law of attraction

1. The law itself doesn’t know what you really want in life?
2. If you focus on bad things, bad things will follow you.
3. If you focus on good things, good things will follow you.

As a positive thinking sinhala people, we are a bit familiar with this mechanism. Sri Lankan has a very rich buddhist culture. Essentially the buddhist philosophy is based on the law of attraction. In buddhism we talk about karma. Karma is simply your actions.

But when you go deep down, we discuss about thoughts that power those actions. Usually a bad corrupted thought will lead to a bad action and wise versa. So if you focus on bad thoughts you will do bad things and therefore build a bad life around you. If you focus on good thoughts you will naturally do good actions and build a happy and peaceful life.

Positive thinking sinhala way of life is very centered on buddhist culture. But we don’t really see much of this in sinhala society. Practicing law of attraction is a very difficult thing. This is why we don’t see this in practice. If you start now and practice little every day you will slowly master this technique.

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